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Eric Rodriguez, co founder of NOMAD + CO., began his passion with food and beverage since before he could remember. While feeding into that passion he refined his palate as a hobby, and took it a step further by gaining extensive industry experience.  

In 2014 Eric met Luis Rodriguez and the two began to work together before starting their own company. Like Eric, Luis shares the same passion for craft beer and spirits, and has expert knowledge of the craft industry. Together they manage to cover all aspects of successfully distributing products to their customers. 

With NOMAD + CO., they share their admiration for food and beverage with like minded independent business owners within the industry. Food and beverage pairing is the essence of the dining experience and NOMAD + CO. effortlessly merges the two.


NOMAD + CO. distributes craft beer, wine and cider. Our goal is to provide top tier service to our customers as well as quality craft products.

With over 5 years of experience in the beverage industry, owners Luis Rodriguez and Eric Rodriguez pride themselves in their knowledge and great customer relationships. 

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